Mapping the new landscape of
science communication in Canada


The study “Mapping the new landscape of science communication in Canada” aimed at identifying who is writing about and communicating science using social media in Canada.


We focused on Instagram and Twitter by searching for profiles geolocated in Canada. We used altmetric tools and NetLytic software to search for public accounts where account holders self-identified as science communicators in their mini-bios. We used a variety of keywords related to "scicomm" and "sciart". The profiles we identified helped us to find bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters and other online media communicators.

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We used an online survey aimed at capturing the depth and breadth of online science writing and communication activities happening in Canada and the tools that writers and communicators use.

The project contributes better a understanding of how research circulates beyond the academic community. We also captured the opportunities and challenges presented by the new science communication landscape. The findings can be used by science writing and communication groups and organisations to inform networking activities, training programs and future research into digital transformations in science communication.